I have over six years of experience in the content marketing and publishing industries. Over that span, I've had the privilege of variety, not only launching independent initiatives or working one-on-one with seeded and un-seeded startups, but also spearheading campaigns for some of the most renowned nonprofit organizations in the world. 

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I graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2012 with a degree in Creative Writing, emphasizing in fiction and creative nonfiction. Below you'll find a list of past literary publications. 



Wounded TongueOrson's Publishing

Short Stories

"Trisomy" | Midwestern Gothic
"Men of Action" | Monkeybicycle
"Assembly Required" | Circa Review
"Don't Sit Still" | Whiskeypaper


I've Killed Us, Mother | Toska Magazine
(Searching) Lust and Love and I | Barely South Review


BLOG Posts

In all, I've written well over 400 blog posts since 2012, for over twelve distinct audiences. Types of posts have included: interviews, video posts, short form posts, long form posts, paginated lists, and multimedia experiences. Below you'll find links to those of which I'm most proud.


The Rainforest Site

"Your Money's On the Wrong Fish"
"Guess What's Gunning for Your Coffee Cup"

Orson's Publishing

"Who Killed the Short Story?"
"How a Wandering Mind Fuels the Creative Process"
"They Say Post-apocalyptic Fiction is Dead"
"Six Storytelling Resources You've Never Used"



I've tastefully delivered exclusive content to growing Orson's Publishing lists since June 2016. I continue to optimize performance of these lists through segmentation and tactic exploration. 


Orson's Publishing

Newsletter #6
Wounded Tongue Giveaway
Thrift Store Coats Announcement
February Newsletter


I served as Nonfiction Editor of Squalorly Literary Journal from 2012 to 2014. While at GreaterGood.com, I for a time served as editor of The Veterans Site, ensuring groups of anonymous freelancers efficiently adopted in-house voice and style. Below, you'll find a selection of projects guided by my editorial touch, including recent and forthcoming book-length projects at Orson's Publishing. 



Man, Oh Man by Mike Corrao | Orson's Publishing (forthcoming)
Thrift Store Coats by Brooks Rexroat | Orson's Publishing (forthcoming)

Magazines / Journals

Issue One, Orson's Review (forthcoming)


"Punching Aleksander Hemon" by R.A. Lubowitz | Squalorly
"Becoming Adamantia, Whose Greater-Great-Grandmother Almost Went to Hell" by Theodosia Henny | Squalorly
"The Natural  Modes of Writing" by Christopher Linforth | Squalorly
"Sorghum Trees" by Deborah M. Fox | Squalorly
"A Minute Inside the Ocean Cafe, July 1980" by John Vanderslice | Squalorly
"Rooting for the Redbreast" by Keith Rebec | Squalorly
"When the Grinch Saved Christmas" by Alena Dillon | Squalorly

LEAD Acquisition & Lead GENERATION

Much of my experience at GreaterGood.com involved both lead generation and lead acquisition, ensuring seamless transitions from outbound marketing to the next step of the user's journey within the ecosystem. This knowledge has helped me not only build an audience at Orson's Publishing, but to know what is and isn't working, and, more importantly, to know when and where to find solutions.



I played a crucial role in the Giveaway Program at GreaterGood.com for over two years, including an overhaul of the content management system itself. Because giveaways by nature are timely, there are no evergreen examples of GreaterGood giveaways to provide.



I served as Creative Director of the Partner Pages program at GreaterGood.com, where unique experiences were created in order to actively inform the user of a pressing social issue being addressed by an affiliate. Additionally, I've created each landing page on Orson's Publishing. Below you'll find links to landing pages of which I'm most proud. 


Social media

While at GreaterGood.com, I optimized each piece of content I created for performance on social media channels. This included the brainstorming and execution of a 16-week A/B testing strategy for interactive content marketing packages. Additionally, I've run social media channels for Orson's Publishing since June 2016. Below you'll find links to Orson's Publishing social media feeds.