COllected Works




Strays Like Us | Garrett Dennert (forthcoming)
Wounded TongueOrson's Publishing

Short Stories

Rasp | Kindle (also on Medium)
Julio: Conqueror of the Crowbar | Kindle (also on Medium)
Heel to Lung, Ear to Ear | Kindle (also on Medium)
Q&A | Kindle (also on Medium)
Flask | Kindle (also on Medium)
Pass This off as Love | Kindle (also on Medium)
Dear Holly, be Right | Medium
Trisomy | Midwestern Gothic
Men of Action | Monkeybicycle
Assembly Required | Circa Review
Don't Sit Still | Whiskeypaper


I've Killed Us, Mother | Toska Magazine
(Searching) Lust and Love and I | Barely South Review



Two Novels by Mike Corrao | Orson’s Publishing (forthcoming)
Man, Oh Man by Mike Corrao | Orson's Publishing
Thrift Store Coats by Brooks Rexroat | Orson's Publishing 

Magazines / Journals

Issue Three, Orson’s Review (forthcoming)
Issue Two, Orson's Review
Issue One, Orson's Review
Squalorly (as Nonfiction Editor)